June 27, 2017


Winston moved to Sweet-Home Alabama. He helps his veteran Maremma farm-mate, Maggie, protect goats and chickens. They now have passed on this guardian instinct to their pups.


Mattis moved to Newnan, GA and now helps his pal and teacher, Trixie (the family's older Maremma) guard their flock of free-range chickens. And, it seems receives lots of love!

Paulo & Tony

The two pals have moved up in the world, a few farms down the street where they guard for our friends at Scottsdale Farms. You can go and visit anytime!

Luigi & Lazio

Luigi (pictured on the left) moved to Douglasville, GA and assists his brother, Lazio (pictured on right) in protecting goats and chickens. 


Santino has moved on to the big leagues. He is extremely busy assisting Michele, owner of Lucky M Farm, with all her duties.


Does he look pretty planted where he is? He thought so too. He lives on our farm, following in his father's footsteps.

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