The journey of life can is an exhilarating, exhausting climb that meets its final destination in the distant and unperceived clouds above. Somedays I feel I cannot go another step, others I feel as if I could conquer several more miles, and still others I have entirely lost my sense of direction. 

So, why in the world do I choose to write about this climb? Simply put, for the one person on that one day who cannot find it within to take the next step or has misplaced their sense of direction. I live my life praying and thus knowing that person exists. 


And, what in the world gives me the right to do so? I would never pretend I've traveled all of life's journeys, but I sure have migrated through many. My early steps encountered much violence and turmoil, the next despair and desperation, followed by confusion and anger. However, all of those steps led me here - a place I would never wish to leave. 

Finally, how does a faith-filled, farm-filled blog belong together? This question is quite easy for me to answer now but has been a turbulent round-about. All roads lead to one place! There is no longer any separation in my life, for there cannot be. 

It is my invocation that drives me to seek and find answers in my vocation. It is my past that paved my present. It is all the things I once called "circumstance" that have made me realize I have a purpose.

Every step I've taken along this journey whether voluntary or involuntary - shoved or repressed - running or wandering nourish the journey today! Moreover, everything I write is my realizing and embracing this blessed process of Becoming Sound. These words are my life.

My Faith Journey

My Farm Journey


You will learn a ton about me from my writing. Every word arises from life's twist and turns, sometimes utter destruction. The seeds. 

A seed planted begins by enduring some of the most extreme situations. All while accomplishing one goal - growth. It does not dwell on the weather, soil conditions, or lack of care; it naturally attempts upward expansion. Is this our calling?

Up until my mid-thirties, I was a firm non-believer! My life began in an abusive way and continued in this manner for my first twenty years. Sadly, the abuse sometimes came by way of my hand - drugs, alcohol, eating disorders... 

Among all the bad folks, there were several people whom I believe had an impact amidst the chaos. As I began the ascent, two of those people were murdered when I was in my teens, and I let go.

In my mid-twenties, and only by the grace of God, I met and married my husband who was a cradle-Catholic. So, I became one - it made sense at the time to share his love of faith even if I didn't understand much of it. 

The gap in time here can only be explained as my natural expansion upward because all of this led me to a retreat in December of 2015. This retreat was for women survivors of abuse, and it was there that I encountered God. I was in my forties - yes, quite the gap. 


As I sat in a tiny chapel where I was supposed to be journaling about whatever, I prayed. It wasn't the first time I prayed, but I lacked the tally marks for sure. I don't even know why I was praying. Honestly, I feared they would check my journal to ensure I'd completed the task. So, I prayed for something to write - anything!


Now allow me to preface - I am not a writer - hated English - especially Poetry. And, yet that is what God gave me to explain the unexplainable, to comfort the uncomfortable, and to embrace the unbreachable. 


My prayer is it might encounter you between the lines and begin to offer sustenance to whatever requires His nourishment.



I am completing a double certification in Natural Animal Health. I attend St. Francis College of Animal Homeopathy and the University of Natural Medicine. I hold a certificate in Animal Naturopathy from The American Council of Animal Naturopathy, LLC and am certified in Raw Dog Food Nutrition by DNM University. These certifications allow me to be a valuable resource for nutrition and natural health, providing whatever animals you keep with holistic care.


I utilize these care practices in my vocation - the breeding, raising,  and training of our livestock guardian dogs - The Maremma. But, it is how we care for our horses, goats, sheep, chickens, and housepets.


I first came to seek this certification after many years of conventional medicine. My animals remained ill, the illnesses returned after treatment, or death occurred. Oddly enough, and I still thank God for her, it was a veterinarian that set me on this journey. It is incredible what we are willing to learn when there is no other option - and I have never stopped chugging forward!

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