Diary Entry 16

Mary, I miss you

more than you know;

for as I gaze

in your eyes,

they have nothing

more to sow.

But, look

my sweet mother,

it is you that I see,

and I dedicate these

beautiful words

unto thee.

For how

do I now write

such sweet

sounding prose?


it is you and I

that still play

among those;

so no matter how far

away from me

you go,

it is within these lines

your seeded memory grows.

As your longing distance

continues to travel,

and Heaven’s awaited journey

begins to unravel

you might ask how preserved

this bestowed gift to be?

Rest and know,

it is the bit of you I hold;

that now lives on,

forever passed forth, in me.

So sing, and write, and chant,

you must…

for rejoined in Heaven

one day, I trust,

you and I will once again play,

but until the return

of that joyous day,

among these lines,

you’ll never be missed

for you remain here;

every word to you…

my eternal kiss.



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