Diary Entry 19

I go through my day

quite methodically,

first accomplish

task A;

then move on to B.

Some look on with admiration

of things that

I’ve done.

How they ask?


I’m quite selfish

for one!

For if B moves to A,

or if added a task C?

The control of

my life

lacks its security,

and in my

reassembling that coveted haste,

the selfish wits that I keep

demand a taste.

This deception quickly spreads,

my mind becomes dim.

For I consistently forget

to simply give will to Him.

With that one request,

disorder diffuses;

and the illusion of control,

well, one always loses.

When we seek His help

in any endeavor –

It is not us, but Him

who completes

selfless tasks for another.



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