Diary Entry 21

As I bask on You hanging

in this humble chapel,

I remember it was You

who righted that forbidden apple.

As I leave this place

and close a door;

guide my feet as they

walk with You hence forth.

For, no matter how far

I am to travel

It was here that You

began to unravel

the path and life

I am to walk;

to be an example of You,

so forever they talk.

Of You, and of You,

and of You

it will spread,

so that everyone remembers

there is nothing to dread.

Not a stone or a tongue

or a Cross that we bear

will make not for us

one single tear.

For Your love has planted

within me that’s sure,

and I promise hence forth

to be ever Your lure.

To catch and to keep

the words that You chose,

and spread for You, my Lord

with every word of these prose;

Lord, might I ask

why a title does not hold?

Because it’s not in you,

but in Me meaning

to others unfolds.



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