Diary Entry 22

Am I a woman of strength?

There are those that say so,

but the thickness of my skin

can no longer hide what lies within.

For it lies there waiting –

“Let it rest,” they say;

“Do not awaken that beast.”

But the stir I feel –

slumber must cease!

Am I a woman of courage?

There are those that doubt.

Words of hush now spoken,

I no longer have a choice;

I must at once be His token.

For it lies there begging –

“Let me out,” it whispers.

And the stir I see –

slumber must awaken!

Am I a woman of love?

I don’t rightly know;

for the word has left scars

as it embedded its scent,

and tattooed my soul

with utter torment.

For it has revealed itself –

a secret beast now shaken.

And, it demands exit,

as inside me is quaking.

Am I a woman of much?

I’d like to think so;

for I sat before Him

with that beast in tow.

And, as it began to devour me,

I cast my eyes upward;

with one smile,

to me a gift was bestowed.

Strength, courage, and love

from His lips did flow.

Am I a woman of life?

Now, this answer I know;

but remember I must,

it was by the weight of that beast

that upward I was thrust.

For it forever lies inside me,

no longer willing and wailing;

just reminding me that it was by He

the beast’s hold on me was crushed.



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