Diary Entry 26

Purity seized at the age of six;

shortly after bludgeoned bruises

heal the mad man’s wit.


Fear kindles anger,

which then ignites hate;

infecting a young heart

which it quickly grates.


Sealed in a skin

of thick blood and bruises,

one turns to a life

where sin never loses.


Poison after poison,

I try to douse raging fires;

even long after fade

the whispers of that liar.


Years later, left with

severed scars that hold;

I’m left with a choice

to save me unfold.


My life recognizes

that which is good,

but a soul

saturated by sin

clings to the misunderstood.


The temptation to

hold to what is deemed safe;

to let go and be vulnerable –

is this a mistake?


Then, I hear words

never spoken before

of a Man who faced evil

for souls deemed poor.


An ignorant prayer,

I lifted up to this Man,

temptation slowly fading

by the warmth of His hand.


Here today, ignorance

replaced with humble plea;

please, Lord, don’t ever

leave my life up to me.


For what I thought once

feigned protection and strength

has been given to me in

His shelter and faith.  

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