Diary Entry 40

First and foremost,

I am a child of God,

yet years of division

endearment deemed broad.

By name each one of us

is personally called,

by labels we choose,

His children become walled.

Christianity is the channel

unto me God parents;

blindness to other paths

living streams become errant.

Catholicism is where

I find my home;

shutting doors to others –

from Him, a heart roams.

Religion like love

that a parent provides

is what God gives us

to gently guide.

Unto ALL a connection

through devotion and love

eternal tributaries rush

to Heaven above.

Labels provide identity

and offer us meaning,

but substance only flows

through His intervening.

Be bathed in your channels

and find warmth by your facade,

but remember we stand together –

thirsty children of God.

Let us tear down walls,

and allow division to fleet;

for the drink He gives each of us –


a gift so sweet.



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