Diary Entry 67

As I sit and ponder

this last bible passage,

my distracted mind

captures an intriguing challenge.

What happens now

after the pages run out?

Does the future hold

a page for us to become sound?

So, the question whispers

upon these lines I write,

will they deepen troubled souls

like rain replenishes a river’s plight?

I will most likely never know

the work that I’ve done,

for it is not mine to claim; no,

these deeds belong to One.

Still as I sit and wonder

about our name in this book,

the thought rightly begs

a much heeded look.

Open up your bible

and think on these lines,

for inside the rich text,

ALL find a place to reside.

After your story too

claims its beautiful end,

what pages would you leave,

and who’s heart would they tend?

And, don’t ever think

your tale is not worthy;

remember our words are

rooted in soil that is earthly.

A colorful landscape,

teeming with life of all sorts,

would be nothing if not rooted

securely in sound dirt.

Every plant, tree, and weed

has a place on this earth;

God kissed them all, placing each

where they could find worth.



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