Diary Entry 68

I sit surrounded

by the great open sea,

and the waves wide

and round,

try intentionally,

to capsize me.

Why do You not

come to my aid?

My journey is fraught,

and I have persistently prayed.

The ocean grows

with violent whispers;

it mocks and knows

this beaten vessel

is a drifter.

Continuously, it finds joy,

calling upon its might,

in attempts to destroy

my endless and meager fight.

Who are you to commit

weight to my boat?

To waters, we’ll submit,

swallowed, satisfying its throat.

You sit surrounded

by some great open sea;

the waves wide and round

lead you

to find Me.

Why am I here

coming to your aid?

Why, your journey is clear,

and I have heard you pray!

The ocean grows

with violent whispers;

although your trouble,

it knows,

I’ve commanded care

for the drifter.

You deem it joy

that it calls upon its might;

allow it to destroy –

your endless and meager fight?

For, I will always commit

just weight to your boat

and if waters, you submit

I will keep you afloat.

My child,

the ocean will forever

roll, crash, and crumble;

though My vessel,

it can’t sever,

even in the wake

of a mighty tumble.



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