Diary Entry 69

Dear, Lord,

May I be so bold

as to ask of You

what an afterlife holds?

Well, My child,

allow Me to ask of you,

what colors paint your

soul in just the right hue?

Oh, I love yellow;

it stains my troubled heart

with that which is sunny,

allowing sorrow its depart.

And, this sunny heart

that brightens your chest,

is there someone who’s

absence upon it does press?

Yes, My Dear Lord,

there is someone it treasures;

a hole lies in thy vessel

with some amount of measure.

Do you fear a life

that must come to an end?

Are there those left behind

you feel the need to defend?

I must admit so.

I do fear my death,

which is why I must ask this

before I take that last breath.

My precious daughter,

allow Me to ease your mind

and touch your weary heart

with All that is divine.

Before we begin

may I ask one more thing?

Why do You inquire about that

which makes my heart sing?

Don’t you know My love

will always provide

what brings My children home

to forever sit by My side.

And, when I welcome you

bathed in warm yellow light,

the ones who you've mourned

will have regained your sight.

Fear will no longer

over you reside,

for My hand in yours

eternally will bind.

To those left behind which

your worried heart is tethered,

I will stand by your side;

We’ll watch and wait for them together.



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