Diary Entry 74

My lips are silent,

yet there is

so much to say.

The words do not cling

to what my heart prays.

I stand and gaze

up at Your feet,

please, know

in my silence

from You I’ll

never fleet.

What do you speak

when a mouth can’t hold

the gratitude I feel

resonating my soul?

Your voice I hear,

pricks my

listening ears,

and these words

now written

conquer a

paralyzing fear:

“Sweet child,

I know what lies

on your breath;

there is never

a need to speak –

clear your tongue

of regret!

Close your tear-dimmed eyes;

set your worried gaze on Me;

you’ll then feel My hand

free your heart of its plea.

Allow Me due time,

for I’ll never leave you.

And always trust

what I must do.

There is never a need

to ask for your desires;

I have always known

what your soul requires.

All you need do

to make Me smile?

Simply say thank you –

and forever trust Me

to pave your miles.”



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