Diary Entry 78

Words are such

a curious thing;

what makes one

heart ache can

make another heart sing.

The harbored love

I have found for

these mysterious letters

provides for one life

now a resounding shelter.

Once lingering on a tongue,

seeking their taste;

what fell once in silence,

now assembles with grace.

Searching for the sound

of each calling heart,

an opening where perhaps

a healing can embark.

They have yearned

longing for leave,

yet they had to wait

for His beckoning reprieve.

Now they dance

on the pages that

here you read,

released unto you,

for within to seed.

Hopeful, these seeds

offer up His song,

for an ear to listen

and a soul that longs.

Do not worry with

message, meaning, or chord;

simply let the letters

inscribe your heart

with any missing words.



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