Diary Entry 86

A decision we must face

and there is no between,

a weakened heart thirsts –

does it wither,

or drink from renewed streams?

It is either love

to the depth of my core,

or hate drowns –

to its doom

a once fruitful soul.

Inside me, it will try

always bite and grate,

or I forgive –

it takes but one word

to limit its stay.

If hatred is allowed

to flow and linger,

love ceases –

for a river leads one way

without thirsty fingers.

Permit these tributaries

forever emptying within,

if hate floods –

single-minded straights

who really wins?

Rushing rivers

lead to the masses

of those salted oceans –

source no longer remembered,

lost, unable to recollect notion.

Fight, cling, and swim,

seek restful channels;

here to stay –

my tears will flow for

those hate misguides to battle.



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