Diary Entry 93

A man spoke,

a whisper to one ear,

“Don’t love those

that cast on you

their unjust truths,

but hate because

they are attracted

to those foul

and uncouth.”

He continues,

as rage now implants

its warranted poison.

Justice replaces sanity

and detest erases

life’s enjoyment.

“If you shoot,

aim for your reasons

it doesn’t matter

who wears them.

Your avenged soul

is what beckons

the just bullet

that condemns him.”

Now on fire,

a flame tempted

only to consume,

a once subtle soul-

misplaced in its burning,

injustice resumes.

“I’ve won,

don’t you see,

the One that

cast me away.

Now I, the fallen,

cast all who

once loved You


For with nothing more

than a whisper,

I turn man

against man

making each think falsely

they have reason

to stand.”

God did answer him,

while He watched

from above.

In History,

there will always be

mere whispers on said lines.

But I send one

who preaches

History can always

be redefined.

Children will always fight

perhaps even led astray,

but I believe in the end,

they will each find their way.

I will wait and pray

and never stop seeking

the lost sheep.

No matter how lost

they deserve

every tear

I now weep.

To every child of Mine

know that I am here,

and I will forever

feed misled histories

with that which is kind.

My children,

this hand will never

offer that which is severe

no - forgiveness

is always given

to those who shed

but one tear.

So go whisper

to troubled ears

and lie to fraught lips.

For they only provide

to My beloved

nothing more than

a brief sip.

Through you,

they will remain thirsty

and long for more drink.

My son and I

are forever there

to quench what you

fruitlessly try to sink.

You tout being a thief,

but you only provide

brevity in your

tempted saves

of injustice and grief.

I desire but one thing

for every sinner’s borrow-

to eternally transform

that oppression and sorrow.



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