November 3, 2016

Open our lips, Lord,

and they will forever

proclaim Your praise…

Open our lips, Lord;

set the words they speak ablaze.

Do not remember, Lord,

the sins that stained our youth…

Only remember, Lord,

the times we cried out to be soothed.

Before You, Lord,

the whole world is one grain…

Before You, Lord,

the falling of one must be regained.

There will be rejoicing, Lord,

among angels in heaven…

There will be rejoicing, Lord,

with one sinner no longer severed.

To give people, Lord,

wisdom of salvation…

You give people, Lord,

a damaged heart its leaven.

Lover of souls, Lord,

show us the path of life…

Lover of souls, Lord,

help our bent knees forever rise.

Today, my inspiration comes from one of many apps I have on my phone. We are so busy these days, and no matter how fast we move through our day, our phone seems to be a loyal companion. I decided one day, after much frustration in missing my prayer time, to download many different types of prayer and meditation apps. My life has forever changed - no matter what I'm doing: driving kiddos, waiting for those kiddos, doing laundry for said kiddos, or working to pay for (I believe we know the common denominator here), I have time to pray!

Today this comes by way of "Give Us This Day" Morning Prayer including:

Psalm 25: 1-7

Wisdom 11: 22-26



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