The Date Night

I sat in Church unfed. Whether due to external or internal factors I became agitated. I left thinking I was not in the frame of mind to hear until I overheard others communicate they had the same experience. Maybe it wasn't just me?

The answer is the minute I pass forward.

I pray daily; a time to be with The Lord

nurtures the relationship for both of us. This nurturing mirrors the way we cultivate a relationship with a spouse or those we genuinely love. We must both give and receive the gift of connection. We both offer self and accept self with absolute love. A daily devotion to a relationship we desire and adore, feeding this relationship - giving it breath – promoting growth.

My husband and I go on date nights. We try to make them weekly times to enjoy each other over a meal and talk with little distraction. Sometimes, service is excellent, and other times it is not. Perhaps your waiter/waitress is having a bad night; your order gets messed up, or it is one of those nights that everything goes wrong. Do you not still enjoy every moment with your faithful companion?

You see, we must kindle any relationship, and that includes God, with conversation, time, intimacy, and connection. The kindling is that daily desire to both ask and receive, to offer time and accept time. Then, there is our weekly "date night," a time to simply enjoy that fostered connection.

If you ever leave unfed from Church - do not let frustration steal time - embrace the moments in the company of the one who loves you and cannot wait until tomorrow when you will again meet in special prayer.



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