Divine Reading

When I pray in the morning, I do so through a traditional Benedictine practice, Lectio Devina.

Lectio Devina is Latin for "Divine Reading"; it is a meditative prayer intended to increase your knowledge of God's Word. The way it works is as you read your prayers, readings, or meditations, you focus on a word, phrase, sentence, or theme and stay there for as long as you need to hear God's voice. It's what I like to think of as God directing your attentions to His guidance, calling your Name.

I believe that the way God speaks to each of us is His individual "style of parenting." Every child of God is unique: they listen differently, are inspired differently, and therefore, are touched by Him differently. Looking at prayer in this way gives it breath, creates life in the words we read, allows The Holy Spirit to move within. I aspire to embrace all methods of prayer and meditation, as it is simply one of the many graces bestowed upon us.

This type of prayer is one way I find that connection with God, and one I would like to share with you. I will include the different prayers and meditations that inspired me to ponder the words below. I pray that they offer a bit of guidance in yours.



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