The Silent Things

My Beloved Children, From a mother, "There are three things you never discuss: Money, Religion, and Politics. These are quiet things we hold. Opinions are like annoying Aunts; everyone has one." I smile. Christians recognize right in ALL. Imagine the past months if lived in this light. Hold firm to opinions; reconcile the difficulty in seeing another's side. As a faithful heart glances at politics, it is hard to find placement as the sharing of one's roots uproots another. Let each help another by offering a hand to lift up. Then, an ear so both might maintain balance. Go forth together. One mind leads two palms; enlightenment leads four. United, One Nation, Under God: Each word slips away. Leaders allow them to pass through fingers like water in a pierced dam with support for one group, one set of circumstances, one belief: A United Nation's tears. Let each recognize, not label, status, reason, or judgment, but a United Children who have all cried. May each tear fallen be what forever binds. For circumstance solely fills a sea in need of salt. One tear fulfills that need, from wherever it drops. Was the question for Who to Vote? Or, how to Reunite a country as 'One Nation Under God'? Be teachable by listening. Firm soil grounded roots, but remember there is always room to share the clay. Your tethered branches now rise to the political world! Leaders possess strength, but a country led by many must listen to many, recognize right there, and embrace compromise so what is bound can spread prosperously. Realize each offers themselves from fertile soil. Belief is the seed planted there - identifying new growth then comes easy. Sincerely, Your Annoying Aunt, America



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