December 6, 2016

I have been
the sheep
wandering alone
in the night.
I could not perceive,
as I tread,
the burning warmth
of Your light.
The moment encountered,
I immediately knew
I could never endure
life without You.

I will face this journey
in isolation,
there again,
I will stand.
How do I know
You will seek
and will search
as a stained sheep
travels along 
barren, rocky land?


My promise to you,
My adored little lamb:
Although the grass may wither
I will restore its stand;
you will always
be fed from
My giving hand.
Although the flowers may fade
I will restore their blooms;
leading your heart 
to needed hope,
just follow
My bountiful perfume.
Although the mountains seem high
I will sing to them, "lower";
your weary limbs
will forever find a rhythm
by This Divine Composer.

Remember My child,
it is no test of virtue
if you always find your way.
For, if you have no need
for consolation and peace,
how would My perpetual,

faithful love for you

ever be relayed?


We all possess the want of comfort. My inspiration today comes from the constant desire to be reminded He is there. It seems when I am drowning by this thirst, His searching hand reaches out to say, "I'm here." Our Lord will restore life and move mountains to remind us of His presence. He will search and seek ways to suggest He is near.


We once more will thirst for His solace, but if satiation was earthly, what need would we have to drink from His life-giving cup?


How has the Lord filled you up today? How has He reminded you He is near? If you thirst for comfort, ask Him to come close. Smell His bountiful perfume, hear His grace-filled song, know His perpetual love will always find you. 


Readings for the day:

Isiah 40: 1-11

Matthew 18: 12-14

Imitation of Christ,

Chapter 9 “On the Want of Comfort”

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