The Promise

I begin my morning prayers in the same way with a little passage from "Give Us This Day." It contains two unambiguous sentences I have repeatedly said without much thought. That is until this week when they suddenly became profound. The splendid beauty that lies in The Holy Spirit's hand never ceases to amaze. Recognizing what has simply been present is truly a gift from God and one that continuously has me shake my head in wonderment.

"O Lord, Open my lips. And my mouth will proclaim your praise."

I love these words! They now launch my day forward with a promise that guides me physically, mentally and spiritually. They are the whisper before speaking, the request before writing, the reminder as I fall along the way, and the encouragement as I return to my feet.

After spoken, my prayer can take many paths, but these words illuminate that direction. Twelve words that have granted in their right a prayer for all of us:

O, Lord, help me to uphold this promise:

to be Open to Your daily desires for me.

to lend My every breath to thanks.

to speak with Lips that remember silence.

to replace the And My with Your name in admission.

to grant a Mouth always thirsty.

to trust Your Will restores circumstance.

to Proclaim Your presence to those, like me, who seek encounter.

to study Your words so that mine will perceive direction.

to Praise the illumination You faithfully provide to the ordinary.



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