If I Were

If I were to describe

the sound of song;

the sound a heart

sways to when it

encounters belonging...

it would be a light rain,

a bird in first March,

a flutter of young breath,

a rainbow's luminous arch.

If I were to describe

the taste of words;

the taste my lips

linger on when they

encounter stirring...

it would be a perfect sweet,

a memory of warm cake,

a first kiss under moon,

a sunlit welcome to daybreak.

If I were to describe

the smell of Your presence;

the smell a soul

recognizes when it

confronts blessing...

it would be tender spice,

a freshly plucked fruit,

a calm before required storm,

a wave advancing in pursuit.

If I were to admit

the influence of mind;

the influence You have

over that which

is stubbornly designed...

You are the no

when a mind begs yes;

You are the yes

when a heart screams no;

You are the bread

to this body blessed;

You are the keeper

of this soul professed.



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