I am ready, O God, I am ready

 My heart is ready, O God, my heart is ready.


Awaken my soul,

may its unified beat, 

whether joyful or troubled, 

forever remain steady.


Let my words be few;

my vow be not delayed

let me speak with Your breath

and fulfill the prayed.


My eyes are fixed, O God, my eyes are fixed.


Awaken my courage,

may it illuminate doubt

so that I might always

run in Your midst.


I would not claim to have succeeded,

to be perfect in my steps,

but with You, I will conquer

the race that stains the path ahead.


My ears are opened, O God, my ears are opened.


Awaken my patience,

may I forever remember

it is Your time, not mine

that heals the broken.


You are my fruitful tree,

I am Your running water;

I will wait for Your fruit,

resting in green leaves that never alter.


My lips are ready, O God, my lips are ready.


Awaken my cup,

let me be the water

that satiates souls

burdened and heavy.


Your blessings bestowed upon all;

the little no less than the great

I return lent good works,

as true life, I await.

Readings and Inspirations for February 23, 2017


Morning Readings and Inspirations

Psalm 108: 2-7

Ecclesiastes 5: 1-6

Blessed Blandina Segale

Jesus Calling

St. Theresa of Avila

Phillipians 3: 12-21


Afternoon Readings and Inspirations

Sirach 5: 1-8

Psalm 1: 1-6

Mark 9: 41-50


Evening Readings and Inspirations

Psalm 115: 9-16

Timothy 6: 17-19


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