The Sweet Nectar of Grace

In God alone a soul is at rest;

as when two become one, a love confessed.

We are called to love each as God sees fit;

made for unity, the same thread through each is knit.

Feed me the sweet nectar of your bountiful grace;

may a kind mouth and gracious lips speech embrace.

Guide me Lord; grant me understanding;

give me discernment; evil thoughts abandon.

Therefore what God has joined, be there no separation;

the remembrance of this thought can rebuild nations.

Give your thanks to the Lord's faithful love forever;

for this love never fails; it is our soul's endeavor.

Readings and Inspirations for February 24th

In the Morning

Psalm 62: 2-4

Genesis 2: 21-34

Antiphon from Morning Prayer

Blessed Margaret Ebner

In the Afternoon

St. Faustina

Sirach 6: 5-17

Psalm 119

Mark 10: 1-12

In the Evening

Psalm 106: 1-5

1 Corinthians 13: 8-13



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