Blades of Grass

We give you praise, O God; we recount your wonderful deeds. Hear us rejoice, O God; in unified voice, hear us sing.

How beautiful are your works, such delight to our gaze; all embrace their differences, yet none made in vain.

United in our blessed death, we gather under mighty wings; reconnected with our Divine Spouse, I hear those unified voices again sing.

We give you thanks, O God, our Lord whose promises are good; whose faithful love endures, as Caleb saw the path, we understood.

How you speak to each of us, without the sound of words; seep into my soul, Lord, like dew to a blade of grass restores.

You created within us an inventive heart, a spirit seeking discipline and knowledge thank you for each piece of us together your masterful art.

Our days are like those blades of grass, and like flowers in fields, we bloom; the wind sweeps over us lifting us up; will we leave behind fertile soil or doom?

Like children we commit our trust; we surrender innocence and fragility; remind us you feed, love, and protect us from all of this world's hostility.

Inspirations and Readings for February 25th

In the Morning

Psalm 75: 2-10

Sirach 42: 22-25

Prayer to St. Walburga

In the Afternoon

Our Daily Bread for 2/25

Numbers 13: 26-32

Joshua 14:14

Imitation of Christ:

Chapter 2, Book 3

Deuteronomy 32:2

In the Evening

Sirach 17: 1-15

Psalm 103: 13-18

Mark 10: 13-16

Gospel Reflection by Marueen McCann Waldron



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