One Word to a Wintered Soul

My soul has tasted Winter;

snow spreads within like wool;

frosted ash expands and splinters;

I have misplaced Your divine pull.

The days have commenced,

burdened shoulders chafed from load;

the endless road ahead is dense;

no music to this life now flows.

My child, it is impossible to know

the length of path you travel

or of what weights you must tow,

but I bring one word

to help it all unravel.

I offer for your heavy burden

the sweetness of this Lent;

this springtime can ease all hurting

and feed those yearning vines of intent.

A true meeting place of love and sin

gather at persecution upon gray hill;

these Godly sorrows to you I commend;

above mighty flooded heart,

within I forever spill.

I provide a way from the discouraged,

you who hope for truth, I await.

Deep waters overflowing

never flourish

give all to Me this Lent;

I will gladly carry the weight.

Readings and Inspirations to end your day:

365 Mary "Winter"

Psalm 147

St. Augustine

St. Gabriel Possenti

St. Faustina

2 Cornithians 7: 8-11

Psalm 29: 7-11

Sirach 17: 20-24

Psalm 32: 1-7

Mark 10: 17-27



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