As I remember

I cry aloud that I be heard!

As I remember -

I ponder

You listening to my words.

As I remember -

You bringing me

the fruits of Your crops

to share with those who

drown in the darkest raindrops.

As I remember -

Your guide to these stubborn feet;

The Way of peace shone forth

by love never ceasing.

As I remember -

Spoken love surpassing all knowledge

not to condemn errors in time

but calmly providing strength

to all faithful climbs.

As I remember -

Listening, you stood at my door

Allow me in, let us eat

I fill troubled hearts with laughter.

As I remember -

Someone shouting in the desert

prepare a road for the Lord

straighten the path through labored earth.

As I remember -

I contain both the old and new;

Your promise that one's faith

shines the same light through.

As I remember -

Liturgy, that beautiful prayer said;

filling fruit, bread and wine;

grace fills, we are fed.

As I remember -

Doubt no longer,

all listen to these words:

Cry aloud, your tears are cradled by the Lord!

Readings and Inspirations from the week

Psalm 77: 2-4, 11-16

Tobit 1: 6-8

Luke 1: 68-79

Ephesians 3: 19

CCC: Fidei Depositum

Revelation 3: 20

Matthew 3: 3



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