Moment by Moment

What would our lives be like if

"we abandoned ourselves to the Lord's will moment by moment?"

(Chiara Lubich)

Let's spend this moment reflecting?"

First, what is a moment? A moment is a brief period; the present time or any particular time; a specific stage in a series of events.

Second, what can happen in a moment? A smile offered to another; a Hello provided to a stranger; a tear falls to harshness; irreparable words relieve scorned lips; judgment grants misunderstanding; one's view becomes clear.

Third, how can we abandon ourselves, even in times of anger, in these moments and allow the Lord to take over?

We can offer a smile to all; take notice of the stranger; transform tears of harshness into tears of laughter; grant the scorned an imitation of love; see another's side and only gently offer ours; begin to provide clarity to one's view.

All these acts take a mere moment; they can be the recognition of the Lord residing within you by another. They are moments granted, not lost; moments accomplished, not defeated; moments contributed to His will.

It is not one great act that most often encounters change. No, change most likely began when someone transformed a specific stage in a series of events for another. This brief period lends itself to the seeking of other fulfilling moments; culminating in one particular time - the passing forward of the clarity provided them. We then become called to transform moments because we as Christians have enjoyed moments transformed. There, we encounter change.


Speak first with God in prayer:

Lord, where and when have you transformed a moment for me? In the smiles granted me in a time of need? In the welcoming stranger? In a person You put in my life to offer laughter where there was harshness? In someone who extended love to scorn? In someone who truly listened to me, only offering gentleness in return?

Think for a moment – Has my view been altered by this moment?

Now, focus on this transforming moment.

Did I immediately recognize the Lord residing in this person? Is today the first I’ve given them recognition? What further moments did I seek because of this encounter? What moments do I now offer to others?

Now allow the conversation to continue:

Lord, what moments are You requesting I transform?

At the end of your meditation - linger in these moments - gather a spiritual bouquet from the thoughts you have dwelt upon. May their sweet perfume refresh all of the moments throughout your day.

-St. Francis de Sales



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