The Lord to Me Sings

 The Lord to me sings,

and my open heart rings;

words not always vivid,

I know I only need listen,

for Your whisper will clear

when ears to Your will adhere.


His song speaks true,

cuts the wound for renewal;

not always easy to listen,

I sing these verses given:


What are you seeking;

what are your intentions?

Do I play a defining role

in your determined thinking?


Is your life a journey;

does it lead you to Me?

As you seek for truth

do you remain thirsty?


The Lord to me keeps singing,

and my open heart keeps ringing;

words still not always vivid,

I know I only keep listening,

for Your whisper becomes clear

as ears to Your will adhere.


His song speaks true,

cuts old wounds for renewal;

still not always easy to listen,

I continue singing verses given:


How do you search

for what it is you wonder;

does My name dwell and linger 

on all that you ponder?


Allow Me to expand

a mind destined for certainty,

for you are called to pursue

beyond horizons deemed worldly.


The Lord to me loudly sings,

and my reopened heart rings;

words becoming vivid,

I am now listening,

for Your whisper is clear

these ears to Your will adhere.


His song still true,

cuts the wound for renewal;

becoming easier to listen,

I can sing the verses given:


From the beginning of time,

I planted within

a hunger and longing

so your search would begin.


Only in Me will you 

find peace and truth;

you'll never stop looking

troubled heart, this should soothe.


Why would I create a spirit

unattached to great mind

no, the two should work together

to forever seek and find.


Lord, I will forever sing,

for this open heart loudly rings;

my words always vivid,

I have sought and now listen,

for Your whisper is clear

these ears to Your will adhere.


Your song speaks true,

this cut wound finds renewal;

you never promised easy listening,

Lord, let me now sing to You:


I will be open to goodness

always seeking what is pure

I know my desire to discern

will to this spiritual soul endure.


May my limited words

never exhaust Your mystery

may my songs reach deeper

to lost souls be Your victory.


My inspiration today was found in the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults, Chapter 1: My Soul Longs for You, O God.



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