Diary Entry 104

I am no one...

no one of consequence,

no one of great strength.

when I am called to face truth,

weakness hinders echo's length.

no one of concern,

no one with great fame.

when I'm beckoned to Your will,

I think of my forgotten name.

no one of significance,

no one with great value.

when society whispers,

I drown in their shallows.

no one of importance,

no one with immense courage.

when asked to speak Thy word,

I only hoard treasure's storage.

You are My child!

My child of consequence,

someone who is merely frightened;

I will gently reveal your truth;

My echo to weakness enlightens.

My child of concern,

who's name Heaven remembers,

and when I beckon you to My will,

your deeds linger here forever.

My child of significance,

one who's value is never weighed;

society with ignorance whispers,

I will drown them in loud serenade.

My child of importance,

one I will arm with endurance;

let the Spirit extend your sharing;

grant your treasure to My deference.

We are those who are called,

those who are always beloved

when you ever doubt your worth

listen with your heart,

hear from above...You are My child.



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