Diary Entry 105

I thank You today

for serenity I'm now receiving,

but like that rich young man,

I often go away from You grieving.

I can feel the effects

of life's exhausting past;

You ask me to leave all behind;

I cannot let go of what You ask.

I desire to give You

all an aching heart does possess,

but I must first return to a place

where a fear encounters its distress.

The fear that lingers

in this space of recognition,

now forms great walls of doubt,

bricks forbid Your admission.

Who am I called to be?

How do I rip through this mortar?

My child, tonight,

hold tight to My cross;

it will simply absorb it.

As you venerate Me there,

whisper the following words,

for I stand next to you, waiting

to be released from bound boards.

"Father, send forth Your Spirit;

help me to be a trusting child;

release me from doubts and fears;

pull forth from within

a lost youthful smile."

It is there you must rest;

I will find you along your path;

all will become revealed;

and you

will there

gladly leave

what binds

a child's heart

to the


I am waiting...



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