Unanswered Space

Dear God,

I try to see my life as a gift; to be grateful for all I've endured. But, how do I return this favor? Does holding tighter ever open any doors? Should I let go? I don't know.

Send Your spirit to free me from the chains of past sin that binds me. I know trusting in my own heart is foolish, help me to walk where I am needed. Help me to see where I am going; illuminate my path. Evil has severed body from soul; heart from head; me from You. I now know it is in this space of no answer where I will encounter You. Help me to be willing to wait. Feed me with the sweet dew of faith.

Dear Unanswered Space,

Is it not natural from greatness

to recognize your life's author?

In suffering, not so.

Though you seek Me

and wish to find Me,

you become distracted

from what you must see.

Somewhere inside you,

My voice does resound.

To the tips of your toes,

to the tendrils of your hair,

My message shifts to the known.

Do you seek to preserve

that which you do not own?

Lose it!

I will place you

on a new journey home.

For where the body is

the vultures will always gather.

But, the soul will surrender

to the voice of its Father.

Suffering is a string

it produces beautiful sound;

an instrument played, now enables

My sweet song to resound.

When there is excitement in your life,

does your heart not beat faster?

Could you ever become excited

by My asking you to share

the part which shattered?

Concerned for you since birth,

with no opportunity to show it.

May this poem be fragrant,

offering a sweetness, fruit,

to a soul deemed unfit.


Daily Readings & Inspirations:

Wisdom 13: 1-9

Psalm 19

Luke 17: 26-37

Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity

Saint Faustina

Daily Bread (Philippians 4: 10-19)

Jesus Calling (Romans 8: 1-2)

Proverbs 28: 20-18

What the Mystics Know (Richard Rohr)

Living Faith


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