Day 21: A Road

An old dirt road

lush farm land cuts;

truck rounds the bend

complaints of bumps and ruts.

Years have paved Him,

that tired-hewn road;

blackness covering

where clay once flowed.

As tires glide

in that new truck,

the sounds of old

to His heart strings pluck.

They can cover what

once through was furrowed,

but the soul of His touch

underneath does burrow.

It beats and beats,

drumming in cracks,

for it longs to be seen

beneath the neat black.

The truck now old

once again does travel;

the road jolting beneath

its last drive unravels.

Many miles enjoyed

accompanying this road;

reunited with sweet earth

joy is now towed.

Thank you for the support

so willingly provided,

even in my complaining

You beat with guidance.

Now once again

a new truck over runs,

but underneath,

a road remembers the one.

For the clay doesn’t

cover what there is hid,

it simply accompanies that

which waits for Him.

Before you begin your day:

There is a beautiful lake in the North Georgia mountains. On occasion, my husband and I would go fishing there. Yet, one thing we dread was the road you had to take. You see, the lake is the highest lake in Georgia at over 3000 ft above sea level. Now that may not seem high to some. But when you begin to ascend the old, bumpy, dirt road, you feel as though it lies far away. Off in the clouds somewhere that your vehicle, your sanity, may never make it to.

As you climb, the road makes unforeseen slits through the hillside. It gives way in some places, descending into the thicket of the forest below. Your grip clasps tighter and tighter to whatever provides a stable attachment to the car. Doubt of getting to the top enters your mind, and you find yourself thinking it might be quicker to turn around. About the time you've lost track of it, it levels out. The road ends and delivers you to a scenic landscape donning a gallery wall. The lake glistens as the sunlight you've lacked whispers upon its shallows. They've arrived.

Does this sound like any road you've traveled? Were you starting a new job? Having a baby? Getting married? Facing illness? Saying goodbye to a loved one? Saying hello to God?

We travel many roads in our lifetime. Some are old, bumpy, dirt roads and some paved with new, smooth, asphalt. But wherever you must go, God is the road beneath. He lives in the clay that supports your shape. No matter what path you must travel, He is there. And when we worry about the roads that lie ahead, know He awaits underneath any journey - we are His pilgrims. He longs to carry us.

Reread the poem. Put yourself in the truck. As you journey paths of old and new; paths of sorrow or joy; paths evaded or encountered - He is the road - The Way.

During your day:

Do not fear: I am with you;

do not be anxious: I am your God.

I will strengthen you, I will help you,

I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.

(Isaiah 41: 10)

Judges 5: 10-11; Matthew 28: 19-20; Judges 18: 6; Psalm 119: 105

Throughout your day:

INHALE: Be the road beneath my feet.

EXHALE: Guide the path I must travel.

(repeat as many times as needed)

Before you end your day:

Remind me of the many miles we've traveled; reunite memory with Your sweet embrace. Thank You for the support You willingly provide, even when I complain, You forever beat with guidance. As I once again begin my travels, be the road underneath; help me to know wherever I go, it is to You the path always unravels. Amen.

Goodnight; sleep well; know you are blessed.


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