Day 22: A Memory

A child falls asleep

in the back of the car;

Daddy lifts her gently

into his strong arms.

He carries her up

and off to bed;

tucks her in sweetly

with a kiss on her head.

A grandmother cooks,

the kitchen overflows;

sweet smells of comfort

enter the nose.

Gathered around table,

hands lifted up high;

secret blessings given

to that sweet potato pie.

Wrapping gifts bound

for under that tree;

for just one night

a saintly man they’ll be.

The child tears open

what’s left behind;

oh, the joy that’s given

to what waits inside.

Now, your turn…

just close your eyes –

imagine for one moment

what Heaven is like?

Before you begin your day:

Who is the first person that comes to mind when you imagine Heaven? Why? What about him/her gives you a glimpse of all-encompassing comfort and love? Let's journey with them for the next few minutes.

Where are you? What visible images does memory invoke? What landscapes? Do they pass by, as if traveling? Or are they stable? Are you in a home? Or somewhere else? By the mountains? In the city? By the ocean? At a celebration?

Now, what do you smell? Inhale. Does the rich smell of food fill your lungs? Is it the fresh, crisp air of openness? Or that salty sea that clings to your skin? The undeniable scent of a building or home that lingers?

What do you hear? Is there an emptiness, freedom in the air? Or are you comforted by the enveloping sound of waves? Trees? People? Cars? Animals? Children? Water?

Reach out - what do you feel? The warm wood of a kitchen table? The brisk air tickle your face? The ocean try and steal your toes? The warm glow of lights in the surrounding darkness? An embrace?

Are you there? Has she/he that began this journey with us still offer company? Do they continue to accompany your earthly walk? Or, do they no longer have to imagine the beauty of destination?

Whether they have fallen asleep within the embrace of the Lord or not, imagine their excitement at this moment for traveling with you. They smile at the invitation to travel into this scene. Then, they turn away from your gaze and laugh.

They know someone is coming. You begin to transform the outline of the approaching, distant figure. Who is it?

They turn back toward you accompanied by our Blessed Lord. He winks and says Heaven awaits you, my dearest child. Take with you this piece of it, now embedded in your soul.

During your day:

In my Father’s house there are many dwelling places.

If there were not, would I have told you

that I am going to prepare a place for you?

And if I go and prepare a place for you,

I will come back again and take you to myself,

so that where I am you also may be.

(John 14: 2-3)

Mark 4: 30-32; Matthew 13: 44-46; 1 Chronicles 16: 31; Mark 1: 15

Throughout your day:

INHALE: I am with You.

EXHALE: You are with me.

(repeat as many times as needed)

Before you end your day:

Thank you for today; for the comforting journey. A parent, a grandparent, a saintly man...whoever they may be, thank you, God, for providing us a glimpse into our eternal home. May they and I one day rest in the comfort of Your arms. And may our earthly journey be a daily reminder of the path they lay before us, may it always lead to You. Amen.​

Goodnight; sleep well; know you are blessed.


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