Day 31: Another Day

Can the sun rise the same

on every one of your days,

perhaps your vision's cloaked in clouds;

prohibiting a heart seeing through the fray?

Allow it to enlighten your sky,

releasing those dark nights;

it wants to bath you in warmth,

carry your troubled soul to new height.

Yes, it will descend, streaking blues

with pink, purple, and gold,

and so, comfort's eternal light

transforms darkness's twinkling glow.

Can the Son rise within

on that blessed third day?

When vision's veiled in false judgment,

we help Pilate pave The Way.

Do we ever cleanse our hands,

paying the crowd’s price,

its cost -

a cross where we bind The Christ?

Yes, He will ascend, streaking red

with blues, purple, and sweat,

and so, what He cradles

transforms all of sin’s regret.

Even still, He wants to enlighten the sky,

releasing those dark cries;

He wants to bath us in faith,

and within our troubles arise?

So, every day, let the sun rise the same

on your days,

as it climbs, be reminded

the Son always sees through the fray.

Before you begin your day:

Another day? Another day. Another day! With which did you awaken this morning?

Let us move through the day of the characters above. How do you feel the Roman soldiers awoke on the morn of Jesus's sentencing? It was another day for them; they don't know, don't care, don't consider. They are accomplishing their job - punishment - nothing more. Do you ever move through your day by checking off item after item, not giving much thought to your actions? Are you so caught up on duty, you forget to stop and consider others? Does your day consume you? Do you need to reassess responsibility, relationship, and faith?

How do you see the chief priests waking on this day? It was a pivotal day for them; they think they know, think they care, think they've considered. They are accomplishing their job - law - nothing more. Do you ever move through your day accompanied by the shadow of naivety? Have you become so absorbed with what you think is right that you become blind to others? Does your view consume you? Do you need to reconsider notion, belief, and faith?

What about the rulers? How did they awaken on this morn? It was a tricky day for them, they must know, they must care, they must consider. They are accomplishing their job - compliance - nothing more. Do you ever move through your day as not to offend? Have you allowed bias only to maintain conformity? Does this need to have approval consume you? Do you need to revise endorsement, encouragement, and faith?

How about the people? Did they awaken? Was it another day for them? Do they know? Do they care? Do they consider? They do their job - voice - "but they were urgent, demanding with loud cries, 'Crucify him!' And their voices prevailed." (Luke 23: 21-24)

Finally, Jesus. What words did He speak as He arose? Look at His face: He embraces all three at once.

Another day? For you? Yes.

Another day. For you, yes.

Another day! For you, YES!

During your day:

Pilate said to him,

"So you are a king?"

Jesus answered, You say that I am a king.

For this I was born, and

for this I have come into the world,

to bear witness to the truth.

Every one who is of the truth hears my voice.

(John 18: 37)

Read any of the Gospel accounts of The Sentencing of Jesus:

Luke 23: 13-25; Mark 15: 1-15; Matthew 27: 11-26; John 18: 28-40

Throughout your day:

INHALE: I follow.

EXHALE: You lead.

(repeat as many times as needed)

Before you end your day:

Enlighten the sky,

release dark cries;

bath us in faith,

within all troubles arise?

Let the sun rise the same

on all of our days,

as it climbs, let us be reminded

You always see through the fray.


Goodnight; sleep well; know you are blessed.


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