Day 33: The Ark

We again travel that path

a burden heavy and laden;

look, there is that Cross,

in the fork;

it lies waiting.

Knowing The Way

we all must go,

one, deemed alone,

will forever dread

cumbersome load.

Standing at crossroads

with two beams in tow,

tear fall like crumbs;

then, a Voice through

winds blow.

“Oh, My sweetest child,

do not give in to such fret

for the footsteps you take

fall in Twos,

don’t forget.

When your travels

take you to paths

felt unknown,

I will meet you and

support the footsteps

you’re shown.

As your body becomes weary,

and falls you must take,

I will send forth My Son

to help you

carry your weight.

And, when your eyes

are shaded by the tears they embrace,

I will send forth the Spirit

to bless falling woe

with grace.

It breaks My heart you must go

with the weighted side of the fork;

just remember of old wood

I built that mighty ark.

It’s never easy to construct

a vessel which saves

trust in Me,

listen for My voice

I will deliver you from your waves.”

Before you begin your day:

We are journeying; our burden heavy. Load releases, and then gathers upon our shoulders. Our souls are light, then heavy. Our Blessed Lord meets us in the road and asks, "May I carry that for you?" What is your answer? Look at the cross He carries above. What burden do you place on it? What words would you inscribe upon its crossbeams? Do the words linger from yesterday's journey? Write them down. Hold them in your hand for a moment.

Allow me to share. I will never forget when I was thirteen. I hovered over the puddle of blood from my grandmother's fatal gunshot wound. I don't know what I was thinking, even today. Exposed to enough brutal reality, at this point, this reinforced truth. All I could do was stand there, ticking another hash mark to the side of misfortune. Later at the funeral, I passed by my grandparent's caskets. Observing, not feeling, accepting, not processing.

As I sat in the chair not listening to the preacher, I began to doodle. I must preface my following actions by sharing I had little - if any - belief in a God. As I sat, scribbling, the prayer that my grandparents would recite appeared in my writing. I could hear the prayer as if they were speaking it at that moment. I asked if I could put it in my grandfather's casket, and by such, it disappeared into the ground. Although I enjoyed a moment of unexplained, undeserved peace, I never repeated the prayer.

Why do I share this? Because, it was that moment, that prayer, that reappeared some years later, as I stood at a crossroads. Asked to present a talk that included as part of the speech some particular prayer, I panicked. I had no idea what would fill those lines. I was not good at praying, let alone reciting some prayer that held meaning. So I begged God for help.

And what did He send me? A piece of the ark He'd offered me so many years ago - the prayer I'd long let disappear into the clay. It was this piece that flowed between the lines of my entire speech - I will, now, never forget it. It offered a vessel in which to sail pleasantly between the rough waters of yesterday and the gentle calm of today.

Our Blessed Lord wants to be the ark in our storms. He sends us what we need even if we don't recognize it at the moment. And, years later, reminds us He was there. He bridges old and new, grief and blessing, delivering to us a sliver of His unfailing presence. He whispers, I remain at the helm - forever.

The cross is our ark. The walk Jesus takes constructs this mighty craft. It is a vessel willing to ferry all burden. You simply must take the steps. Sometimes, these steps come as a daunting run; others, they must be one foot in front of the other with winded rests between each. It does not matter to the Lord.

Now, unfurl your hand and place the words you hold into His, listen. "May I carry that for you?"

During your day:

And he said,

"Jesus, remember me when you come in your kingly power."

And he said to him,

"Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise."

(Luke 23: 42-43)

Read any of the Gospel accounts of The Crucifixion of Jesus:

Luke 23: 26-43; Mark 15: 21-32; Matthew 27: 32-44; John 19: 17-30

Throughout your day:

INHALE: I follow.

EXHALE: You lead.

(repeat as many times as needed)

Before you end your day:

When I again travel that path

a burden heavy and laden;

help me to look at Your Cross,

for, I know it lies waiting.

Help me to remember

The Way I must go,

when I deem myself alone,

and dread its cumbersome load.

When I stand at crossroads

with two beams in tow,

speak to me through rough winds

Your voice, to troubled ears, blow.


Goodnight; sleep well; know you are blessed.


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