Dear Seedling


Anyone can count the seeds in an apple; only God can count the apples in a seed. - Robert H. Schuller


INHALE: I am your seed...

EXHALE: plant me where You need.

(repeat as many times as needed)


Dear, God-

Often times I grow frustrated in her emptiness. I don't always know what to do with the remaining pit, but I don't always know what to do with her fullness either. There are those thoughts that push and pull at us keeping me, rooting me to one place. Am I to allow their uproot?

Arrival at a destination, a place to rest, but once there, should she not journey forward? Do you wish for me to release this journey, or is my destination within? I want to hear your whisper among her winded thought. Fear molests the air when you are void. The suffering returns, for she knows what it is like to not hear you - to NOT want to be moved.

That sweet gift received, years ago, sprouted inside her a needed sustenance. Why must I ever wither? I so long for it to nourish her and others. What am I to do with implanted energy? It tries to escape with no way out. I wish I could speak to you, that you might provide a door for my release.


We all have that space within us that longs for direction. This letter represents that place where we encounter life's participation and then try to determine God's will for its future. From here, we ask, beg, and wonder what we are to do from this intersection. Often we can respond with frustration, even eagerness to transform it into something - anything. This convergence with life can produce joyful energy requiring direction; it must not always come in the form of sorrow.

My space although derived from much pain ended in elation, and it is this bliss that I long to share. But I must always ask myself why? Are my actions and needs driven by pride? Are they merely a much-needed desire to be heard? Or is what was shared between God and I meant to stop there? Because sometimes this is His answer.

Is there something inside you feel should be shared or heard? Does it nip at you? Consume you? Let us both today, let go. Give it to God in these next moments.

What lingers within? Does it sprout from seeds of joy or sorrow? Both? What about this place in your soul needs to be offered? Why? Not why you feel it needs to be shared, but what do you expect to obtain from its sharing. Be honest here with the Lord; allow the first couple of expectations to pass. Let the soul bring to the surface that which is deeply rooted.

Imagine being able to share it today with one, two, fifty, one-million, the many would it require to pluck this rooted need? What would sprout in its place tomorrow? Would being able to give this away to someone, anyone, everyone nourish you? This week we ponder these embedded seeds. As they grow, we begin to ask, are they implanted for a purpose. And what is this purpose?


Dear Seedling,

Ponder these four:

The starving cannot share

a lone piece of bread;

should they not take first bite

to understand what is well-fed.

It is then they can offer

nourishment received;

without having tasted longing,

how do they explain relief?

A seed planted, blooms, then dies?

No, it leaves behind the beginning

of a seedling awaiting time.

That flower once planted,

there in patient space,

believes without ever seeing

the beauty in provided grace.

A carpenter builds a doorway

never entering the house,

yet the people that live there

enjoy the comfort he allowed.

One frets in their emptiness,

for absence stuffs required space;

they mustn't ever worry, for

My troubled seedling, if nothing else

I cradle you with My embrace.



Everything a human being knows is dependent on a higher reality - therefore must be traceable to an ultimate explanation. (Doctrine of Spiritual Perfection, Anselm Stolz) When we are seeking answers to those uneasy, interior shifts within, help us to rely solely upon the "unmoved Mover" the "uncreated Creator" to gently guide our growth and direction. It is there that these seedlings, begging for some type of nourishment will find sustenance...His will. Plant your worries within His hands and He will take them where they need to go - sometimes that is simply to rest with Him.

Dwell here, knowing you are found.



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