Il PastoreTraunsumante

Transhumance is the practice of moving livestock from one grazing ground to another. Shifting with the seasons, they travel from the lowlands in winter to the highlands in summer. This is where our pack emerges.

Ennio, Evelina, and Celia came to us from Italy. They have been in our care since the average age of five months old from Il Pastore Transumante. Dario possesses a love for these dogs that is addictive.

"The project Il Pastore Transumante was born with a distinct intention of its creator. The animal well-being manager Dario Capogrosso shares his admiration of this dog worldwide. This dog he first came to know and love as a young boy in Apulia, in the South of Italy, at the farm of his grandfather. The reliability, professionalism, and experience in both animal husbandry and dog breeding have made it possible for Capogrosso to create an entity appreciated on the national as well as international level."

From the day they joined us, our Maremmas have transformed our farm, as well as, our family. They roam the pastures with the livestock that inhabit them. Ennio and Vinny even lead their goat herd from the fields to the barn to avoid impending storms! I cannot imagine life without them. And this is why we share them!



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