Pondering the Presence of God and Sin

Hello beautiful images of God -

I have been away, but still busy trying to be an integral part of God's glorious creation:

1. We brought seven Livestock Guardians into this world to help protect 2. I received my Yoga Certification to bring Christian Yoga to you and hopefully, many others. (I am now working on some upcoming sequences - stay tuned). 3. I have returned to school to receive my Spiritual Direction Certification. This is a four-year process, and I am half-way down a path that I pray continues.

Today, I have been pondering the presence of God and Sin. I hope my thoughts encourage insights of your own. Read through, then spend some time with God listening...

Pondering the Presence of God and Sin?

There is an excellent energy outside, within, and connecting us. Like a magnet, this energy attracts. We choose to turn away from it, feel this powerful seductive pull and push. Found only in our choice to turn and face it once again. That magnetic charge - A force desiring beyond our comprehension to draw us into it.

What form does this take?

Christian tradition, the shape of man, but sex, race, color, creed, even time nor space have nothing to do with it. A demonstrative relationship - Let us call out - Selfless Love!

The part He plays?

Freely reciprocated, yet never demanded.

It is your choice, He says to bathe in Its richness. It is, as well, your choice to turn away.

And, there is just pure beauty in the answer of what to do here:

Just turn around.

What about those that are unable to turn, we ask?

In illness, ignorance, or inability...

Come back to Me, your example, Selfless Love.




It is through a broken field of energy, we are




This Great Energy does not measure breaks with some tape! They are simply B RE AK S .

God feels a gap in His all-encompassing field. He weeps He only longs for it to become resealed.

Do you recognize self?

We are itinerant soldiers on both sides of the battlefield.

Can you see it?

It is over there when we recognize ourselves on both sides of the garden peace begins to occur. An overwhelming attraction Pulling us forward -


Much love and abundant blessings this very day,


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