Preface: A Celebration

Celebration is where

our Lenten Journey begins,

so eat and be merry

with family and friends.

Tomorrow with Jesus

our feet set out;

minds recognize meaning

along this route.

On tempted walk

we all must take,

a soul finds its

counterpart and

will be awakened.

Why would laden journey

begin with such a day?

Remember, it was with feast

Jesus began The Way.

So what are we to take

on this forty-day walk?

He requires one sinful soul

and one willing heart.

And what is this

willing heart to learn?

That in His shadow,

rendered soul will discern…

Don’t fret in your sorrow,

as joy flees dismissed;

Come; follow The Way

Rise in renewed bliss.

Before you begin your day:

How will you celebrate today? Who will accompany you? Friends? Family? Strangers? God? What words in this poem extend meaning to your anticipated celebration? What will you eat? Will you gather around table? Will you gather with community? Perhaps your celebration will be a quite, meditative moment with God alone? Be thankful for all this day has to offer.

What will you offer to the Lord tomorrow? Do you feel the weight of this item(s)? Does it pull you away from the Lord? Will it be hard to give away? Will this sacrifice require His help? What is the significance of this item(s) to you? In your life? To your friends, family, community? To the stranger? How do you think your life will be changed by its absence? How do you plan to fill this new inner space previously taken up by its presence?

During your day:

Read James 1: 12-18 & Mark 8: 14-21

Throughout your day:

INHALE: My blessed Lord...

EXHALE: I am offering ________________________________ to You.

(repeat as many times as needed)

Before you end your day:

Blessed Lord, thank you for today. Help me to understand the significance of the sacrifice I offer you tomorrow. Come to my aid in times of temptation. Help me to recognize the benefit in my life without this item(s). Transform my deficiency into prayer, my excess into fasting, and my unnecessary into offering. Saturate the space I lend to this sacrifice with You. Amen.

Goodnight; sleep well; know you are blessed.


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