Day 10: Gushing Streams

Board by brick, delayed

the streaming whisper

of God’s purity to

a troubled mind’s doorway.

Resting trembling hand

upon that threshold,

encounter vulnerability –

rushing anxiety’s scold.

a gushing stream of devotion.

upon a cross truth flows

a heart’s dam left open,

Help one to keep

Why does one ponder

on such useless suggestion,

when a heart’s only yearning

Your desired connection.

The prayer at a kneel

upon a cross on some hill,

please drown wanting hands

in the gushing stream of Your fill.

When they tremble with fear –

the other side unknown,

seal them with courage

to break barriers sewn.

When they ache from weakness

dredged in pain and despair,

extend them with strength -

so Your scent they will wear.

And, when they struggle

to reunite a mind that has dried,

fold them in prayer –

releasing selfish pride.

Help one to keep

a heart’s dam left open,

upon a cross truth flows a gushing stream of devotion.

Before you begin your day:

This poem is a lengthened form of prayer that I do every Sunday, for I usually recite only a stanza or two. It is a sort of reconciliation on behalf of this sinful soul. The prayer goes a bit further than asking for mercy. It offers a reminder of what I need from our Blessed Lord to journey forward. Have you ever apologized to someone for something, and asked, "What can I do to make it better?" Why do we ask this? So that next time we arrive at this juncture, we take a different, gentler, path.

We are all pilgrims, learning to live so that one day we LIVE. Upon this journey, we will fall. We lose our way. We choose to take the detour. We lean on falsities that might lead us astray. When you find yourself weary, recline upon that blessed hill. There, lay your worries down at His feet. He will lift you up, and with such grace, place you back on your path.

With a troubled heart, can you hear God's whisper? Or is His voice lost, barricaded behind distress? Recline upon that hill.

When you are anxious, and your hands shake with worry, do you wonder where God is? Do you turn to doubt in His stead? Recline upon that hill.

When you wish you had more: his car, her life, that job. Do you ask God, "Why not me?" Does envy sigh in your ear, pulling you from the path He has chosen for you? Recline upon that hill.

Are you resting? If you are able, kneel. If you have a cross, hold it. Work through the stanza's below, filling in the blanks as you and our Blessed Lord begin to pray:

When my _________ tremble with fear –

seal them with ___________.

When my _____________ aches from weakness

provide for me ____________________.

Continue here with your own...

Do you feel the gushing streams of His love and devotion refreshing you? Keep this prayer with you, say it as often as you need to return - recline upon that hill. Amen.

During your day:

...but one soldier thrust his lance into his side,

and immediately blood and water flowed out.

(John 19: 34)

Read John 4: 10; John 5: 7-8; Revelation 22: 1; Revelation 7: 17

Throughout your day:

INHALE: Upon Your cross, I lay _______________________.

EXHALE: Oh, gushing stream, run through.

(repeat as many times as needed)

Before you end your day:

In all my trials and struggles,

turn my focus to You;

upon Your cross, I lay _______________

Oh, gushing stream, run through.


Goodnight; sleep well; know you are blessed.


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