Day 11: Let Go

Life gets away from us all,

sometimes violently tumbling

beyond our control.

Try and try to grasp,

cling to our path;

often falling and slipping

determinations persistent wrath.

It is there that we tread,

not immersion,

but rise above

pride allows a whispered plea,

“Lord, will You not help me stand up?”

Waters continue,

pull at our feet,

body weary,

mind weakened,

alliance promises defeat.

To honor our rebellion,

we ignore His tug.

Continuing to fight His word,

we rebelliously shrug.

It is in this depletion

we feel His breath;

that heavenly sigh

against our will

does gently press.

“Let go,” a voice,

“Release your grip,” a shout.

“Be assured Life awaits

you from the depths of doubt.”

“Bequeath the clutches

of which you hang,

for Life only returns

by letting go,” He sang.

Rising above waters

so deep and cold,

but submersed

do you recognize His true hold?

He had been waiting

below effort all along;

profoundness met by drowning

in the abyss of His arms.

Before you begin your day:

Right at this moment, take a sheet of paper out. Are you ready?

Write the first five things that come to mind on your agenda for the day. Do not give this any thought - write - Now.

Meetings? Kids? Laundry? Phone Calls? Appointments? Errands?

When you have completed this list, continue.

Do any or all these items cause your heart to pace a bit faster? Circle these.

Which one(s), if any, bring about anxiety? Stress? Worry? Rank them, #1 being the worst, and so on.

Which one did you rank #1? Draw a line through it.

Now, a question:

Did pray make it on the list?

We have all these commitments drowning our days. Where would we be in the midst of it all without God? Drowning.

We need His rescue. Today, make a new to-do list with these titles:

Have to:

Need to:

Want to:

Place each item on your list in one of these three categories. They cannot all be "Have to's"!

Where among the list did that #1 item make it? The circled items? What about prayer?

This week, is there any way to move prayer up the ladder? One rung? Put it on the ladder?

If pray fell among the "Want to's" or did not find placement - that is okay! You are where you need to be - drowning. Isn't it there that we are in beautiful need of rescue? Hear His voice, "Let go." Feel His presence, "Release your grip." Listen, "I AM waiting for you from the depths below."

Let us all make it a goal over these next weeks of Lent to move prayer up the ladder. First, if needed, place it on the list. Then, move it up among one of the circled items. Finally, remember that #1 task? By the end of Lent, put prayer in its place. And, if you become burdened, listen:

Bequeath the clutches

of which you hang,

allow My Life to return

let go, My beloved.

He sings.

During your day:

I go and prepare a place for you,

I will come back again and take you to myself,

so that where I am you also may be.

(John 14: 3)

Psalms 124: 3-5; Matthew 11: 28-30

Throughout your day:

INHALE: Let go, My beloved. I hear You sing.

EXHALE: I release to You the clutch of ____________________.

(repeat as many times as needed)

Before you end your day:

Lord, cleanse the depths within our souls

And bid resentment cease.

Then, bound to all in bonds of love,

Our lives will spread your peace.



Goodnight; sleep well; know you are blessed.


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