Day 2: Prayer

Prayer, if represented by body,

the heart it would be;

for one cannot survive

without attention to thee.

As the heart is our lifeline

to love and emotion;

prayer connects us

to the divine

through pure devotion.

The heart does not

pump without

blood running through,

and our prayer now

lives by His blood,

sacrificed freely and true.

So, when you heart

is burdened

by trouble; pain; acheing

lift up your prayers;

receive life’s retaking.

Before you begin your day:

How are you doing today? Did you know there are many who pray for you, even without knowing your name? What prayer do you lift up to our Blessed Lord today? He hears you! Feel His comfort. Imagine His embrace. Linger here a moment, in the arms of the Lord, as He graciously tends to your personal needs. Listen for His guidance.

God is pleased you've taken care of you. He smiles. Can you feel renewed by The Holy Spirit? Let us pass this loving embrace forward...

Who else might you be praying for today? Do you know this person(s) well? How do you know them? Where did you meet? Picture them in God's arms, for you just put them there. He loves you for doing so.

Now, those that you do not know personally that need your prayer? Perhaps you received their name(s) from a friend or as part of a ministry prayer list you take part in (great idea for Lent)? How did you feel when you heard their name? Can you picture their face? If not, just imagine a smile. They are now immersed in the grace God offers to them. He thanks you for your offering.

Never be troubled if you cannot remember a name, for God delights in your desires. Just imagine the Spirit's love being sent forth to this individual(s).

On a piece of paper, write down your name first. Then, the names of those you lift up to God (friends, family, and strangers). If you do not recall their name, draw a heart in its place. Now, choose a word or words from the poem above - one that speaks to you. Write it under or next to the names. Surrender these requests to His loving embrace.

Spend a few quiet minutes with The Lord and those that you lead to His arms. Keep the paper with you today to remind you where we all reside.

During your day:

O great Physician of the soul

To whom the helpless pray,

We come to you to make us whole;

Oh, cast us not away.


Read Luke 9: 23-25; Psalm 119: 147-148; Romans 6: 8

Throughout your day:

INHALE: My Blessed Lord...

EXHALE: I leave myself and ________________________________ in Your arms.

(repeat as many times as needed)

Before you end your day:

The Kingdom calls us to repent

Till love alone remain,

Uphold us, Lord, this holy Lent,

By your abiding reign.

You know our sadness and our pain,

The measure of our sin;

In mercy, Lord, our hearts sustain

As you we seek again.



Goodnight; sleep well; know you are blessed.


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