Day 28: The Betrayal

Betrayal by intimacy

muddies rippled waters;

others only see fluidity,

depths conceal the flattered.

Led astray by belief,

a sweet trusting whisper,

now leaves on the ear

its deafening blisters.

A fragrant kiss given

for one reeking promise;

a cheek for some marked,

no coin returns solace.

What are we to do with

our own treacherous moments,

where familiarity transforms

a notion now stolen?

We rise and must walk

behind He truly leading,

and in His warm embrace

heal a soul’s mistreating.

May we always remember,

that anything once stolen,

returned to His waiting hands

renews that deemed broken.

If you’ve stood with a face

shamefully etched in disgrace,

His hand calms rough waters,

rivers always lend to placid straits.

So, a minute borrowed

by betrayal’s loving stain,

cleansed by true approach –

intimacy restored once again.

If treachery has kissed

what a memory now floods,

turn that drowning cheek to Him;

He will lift you from the mud.

Before you begin your day:

Think of a time when you felt betrayed. Were you the betrayer? It doesn't matter to the Lord, He loves you. Did He not say to Judas, What you are going to do, do quickly? (John 13: 27) Then later that night, greet him with, Friend, why are you here? (Matthew 26: 50)

Can you relate to both the betrayed and the betrayer? I realize when it comes to Christ, this is a difficult place to put ourselves. But, we are all sinners, are we not? Have we gossiped? Have we misled? Have we stood at the distant end of injustice? So, then, as such - as Disciples - let us begin. Focus on the picture above.

First, look at the way Jesus gently rests his head in Judas's hand. Observe His expression. There is such sadness as He embraces this last kiss. Does He feel pity for the fate He knows Judas will soon meet? Is He savoring the last kiss from who on His part remains a good friend? Is it a sign to all betrayers that by this gentle love, there is nothing they could do to sway His compassion?

Next, focus on His hand; the one pointing to Himself. With such selfless willingness, He takes this upon Himself. His resting finger receives grief without despair; sorrow without regret; mourning without misery. It is a message to all the betrayed; I am here, It is I. And, to all the betrayers, I am here, It is I. I hold you all within Me.

Finally, put yourself below Jesus, looking upward at his outstretched hand. Lift yourself upward, and rest your head in His hand. Receive His blessing. Listen as He says to the betrayer:

If you stand with a face

shamefully etched in disgrace,

Let My Hand calm rough waters,

let your rivers lend to My placid straits.

If treachery has kissed

what your memory now floods,

turn your drowning cheek to Me;

I will lift you from the mud.

Listen as He says to the betrayed:

What are you to do with

your own treacherous moments?

Where betrayal transformed

a notion from you stolen?

Rise, you must walk

behind Me truly leading,

and in My warm embrace

I'll heal a soul’s mistreating.

Listen as He speaks to all:

Just a single minute borrowed

by betrayal’s loving stain,

I cleanse with My touch –

let intimacy with My embrace

be restored once again.

During your day:

Then Jesus, knowing all that was to

befall him, came forward and said to them,

"Whom do you seek?"

They answered him, "Jesus of Nazareth."

Jesus said to them, "I am he."

Judas, who betrayed him,

was standing with them.

(John 18: 4-6)

Read any of the Gospel accounts of The Betrayal:

Luke 22: 47-53; Mark 14: 43-52; Matthew 26: 47-56; John 18: 1-11

Throughout your day:

INHALE: I trust.

EXHALE: You guide.

(repeat as many times as needed)

Before you end your day:

When betrayal by intimacy

muddies rippled waters;

if others see fluidity,

where depths conceal the flattered.

Let us not be

led astray by disbelief.

Let us, instead, listen

to Your sweet trusting whisper.

Lord, heal all ears of

betrayal's deafening blisters.


Goodnight; sleep well; know you are blessed.


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