Day 35: Water and Wine

Water is pure

when fed

by a spring;

a taste endured,

eternal life

it will bring.

Wine is a fruit

once plucked

from the earth;

the plant must

have roots

for the gift of rebirth.

Commingle the two,

shed from His cup,

the purity of Christ

today rooted in us.

Before you begin your day:

The mingling of water and wine. The mingling of the provided and the sacrificed...of the pure and the created.

If you were stranded in the wilderness and became thirsty where must you look for water? If you prepared for your travels, you'd have with you a water purifier. This purification system allows you to drink from anywhere along the stream. But life often forgets to prepare us for the journey. You would need to find water at its source. For it is only there that the water is pure enough to drink. Right from this source, you cup your hands, reach beneath its mouth, and consume. God created us with this life-giving nourishment flowing within. In fact, up to sixty percent of the human body is water. When circumstance strands us, we must locate sustenance at its source.

Wine comes forth from sacrifice. The gatherers seek the mature fruit to pluck from the plant. The plants then offer up new fruit in its place, and the cycle continues. After the grapes are processed, there is waiting. Waiting for change; waiting for readiness. At the time the vintner deems appropriate, the wine is bottled and offered.

This water - the provided - and this wine - the sacrificed is our symbol of Christ's presence within. The mingling of the two has a long tradition in our Church's history. But let's consider this:

Anytime you drink from the Blessed Cup at Mass, within you descends an addition of what is already there - the water. This extension of you joins the flow of that sacrificial gift. As your lips taste, let this blending remind you - guide you - to the source. For He is the mouth of that life-giving drink that now lives inside you.

During your day:

"For because Christ bore us all, in that He also bore our sins, we see that in the water is understood the people, but in the wine is showed the blood of Christ. But when the water is mingled in the cup with wine, the people [are] made one with Christ, and the assembly of believers is associated and conjoined with Him on whom it believes; which association and conjunction of water and wine is so mingled in the Lord's cup, that that mixture cannot any more be separated.

Whence, moreover, nothing can separate the Church — that is, the people established in the Church, faithfully and firmly persevering in that which they have believed — from Christ, in such a way as to prevent their undivided love from always abiding and adhering. Thus, therefore, in consecrating the cup of the Lord, water alone cannot be offered, even as wine alone cannot be offered. For if any one offer wine only, the blood of Christ is dissociated from us; but if the water be alone, the people are dissociated from Christ; but when both are mingled, and are joined with one another by a close union, there is completed a spiritual and heavenly sacrament.

Thus the cup of the Lord is not indeed water alone, nor wine alone, unless each be mingled with the other..."

(St. Cyprian)

Read John 19: 31-37

Throughout your day:

INHALE: I hunger.

EXHALE: You feed.

(repeat as many times as needed)

Before you end your day:

Show me Your Sign Water and Wine I need You to be More than a Voice in me Show me Your Face Or at least some Proof of Your Grace I need You to be More than a Light in me At least today…

(Water and Wine by Aleah)


Goodnight; sleep well; know you are blessed.


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