Day 8: Sorrowful Odes

Sacrifices and trials,

there will be many,

but among those lines

to His credit

will thanks provide any?

Do I become so focused

on what I have done?

Do I quickly forget in those

tests His aid did come?

In darkness there can be

only one way to see,

to dismiss troubled hearts

switching to Thee?

When water is rising

above stubborn heads,

sometimes one must drown –

with intentions mislead.

Temptations run deep

to protect oneself;

looking only inward,

one may feel compelled.

Shoving aside

Your reasons why,

all this time

selfish soul pacified.

Losing sight of the One

that serenades the soul -

“Keep reminding me, Lord

In You, the lyrics unfold.”

So, sing sweet songs

of troubles and doubt.

Compose in this soul

Your voice throughout.

For found deep within

any sorrowful ode,

lies the JOY of promise

where sacrifice flowed.

Before you begin your day:

Is it words that relax a troubled heart, or is it the melody that tickles your soul. Music pokes at our life strings like God's fingers. Sometimes He shoves us into action. Others He taps us on the shoulder. But often I imagine Him playing with us like a parent would a child. There is no agenda, only comfort, and fondness. Is this why there is a preface of delightful melody before words sung? He grabs our attention; then, He speaks.

Do you ever try and listen to the words from this perspective? As if God were trying to contact you through beat, rhythm, verses, or choruses? The men and women that write, play, orchestrate, and sing choose to contribute to a song for some reason. Become a fluid part of it; allow God to guide you through the sheet music.

Music is another language, one in which we all share with God. There is such grace dwelling there. Think about this: Five people listen to the same song. There will be five different emotions present. Five different words heard. Five different memories conjured. Five different messages received. God's energy stirred in all five. Amazing - His fingers - His work - Your soul.

Why do we long for specific music in times of sorrow? Grief? Anger? Worry? Can you permit His touch amidst the chaos? Or does the blind emotion push and pull at your heartstrings?

What music do you long for today? Choose a line from the poem above and pray it aloud. Then, turn on the radio and listen. It always amazes me how this transpires! Do not allow emotion to lead you frantically; offer all feeling to the song - to God.

Before you listen:

What word(s) do you feel you are seeking? It is not always that which we find that we need to hear. Tune in with openness. Close your eyes, if you are able, while listening. If you become distracted, pay attention - God may be talking. Allow the music to pull you and the distraction back gently. Listen to the song in its entirety - words and notes.

When the song is over:

What did you hear? Was it what you expected? Was it words? Notes? Beat? Did you feel God's fingers writing upon your soul? How is the emotion you carried? Lighter? Calmed? Transformed? Joyful?

Breathe. Smile. Linger with the lyrics written upon your soul. Thank you, God.

During your day:

... Sing of them (1) to the sounds of musicians at the wells.

(taken from Judges 5: 10-11)

Read Psalm 149: 3; Sirach 32: 5-6; Sirach 47: 9b; 1 Corinthians 14: 7

Throughout your day:

INHALE: Sing within me Your song.

EXHALE: Within, Your lyrics unfold.

(repeat as many times as needed)

Before you end your day:

Lord, thank you for tickling my soul. Help me to hear Your music always. Sing to me Your song in times of strife. Be my mind as I journey through painful times. Be my eyes in the darkness. Be my breath when I am drowning. Be my shield when I am wounded. Remind me I am in Great Company when sacrifice must flow. Be the grace-filled voice of joy in life's Sorrowful Odes.


Goodnight; sleep well; know you are blessed.


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