Like the Seasons

my soul lingers;

requiring much work

from mighty fingers.

Needing warmth;

requiring till;

demanding rest;

lacking fill.

Before you begin your day:

Let us pause today and rest. Use today as a time to consider these past days. What came easy? Hard? How do you feel? Strong? Weak? Comforted? Stressed? Joyful? Sorrowful? Doubtful? Hopeful?

What do you desire from God as you continue your journey? What does God desire from you? Choose a word or words from the poem that describe your needs; write it down on a piece of paper. If you still have the others from this week, attach them all together with this one on top. Keep them somewhere safe, so you might reflect on them later.

Remember on any journey one takes, as you move forward, your legs become stronger, your heartbeat more stable, your senses keener, and your soul more hopeful.

Spend a few quite moments with God. Let the Holy Spirit move you into conversation. Your desires? His? Speak and Listen.

During your day:

Reflect on any daily reading or devotional.

Throughout your day:

INHALE: You are with me, Lord.

EXHALE: And, I with You.

(repeat as many times as needed)

Before you end your day:

Blessed Lord, thank you for this week. Help me to truly rest and reflect today. Guide my steps as We journey forward.

Goodnight; sleep well; know you are blessed.


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