Be the sower

for this sinner;

be my ark

in harsh winters;

spirit transformed,

heart fulfilled,

forever blessed,

faithfully milled.

Before you begin your day:

Let us approach this Holiest of Weeks ready. The Lord has accompanied us as we journeyed deeper within. Can you feel His support? Use today as a time to consider these past days. Weeks. Do you notice a readiness within yourself? Has the Lord awakened your spirit?

What rests inside the vessel above as we enter this most blessed week? Weakness? Comfort? Stress? Joy? Sorrow? Doubt? Hope? Are the oars in God's hands? Or do you still cling to one? Both?

Choose a word or words from the poem that describe what you still need to build your ark. Or, perhaps you feel the need to use the words to offer thanks to Him - whatever the Spirit fills you with. Write it down on a piece of paper. This poem has been transforming into a lasting prayer. Do you recognize it? We stated, then we asked; He answered, now we pray.

Do you remember the words you have chosen over the past Sundays? Have there been changes in the words you are drawn to? If you still have the papers you've collected from the previous weeks, attach any new ones to the stack. Keep them somewhere safe, so you might reflect on them later.

Remember at the beginning of your journey, you asked to be planted. As you moved forward and began to grow, your legs answered with strength, your heartbeat answered in rhythm, your senses answered in keenness, and your soul answered in hope. Now, the Lord stands in the midst of the garden of your soul. He says, I AM here. You say, thank you... and forever:

Be the sower

for this sinner;

be my ark

in harsh winters;

transform this spirit,

fulfill this heart.

I am forever blessed,

and faithfully milled.

Spend a few quite moments with God. Let the Holy Spirit's answer to this prayer enter you. Your prayer? His blessing? Speak and Listen.

During your day:

Reflect on any daily reading or devotional.

Throughout your day:

INHALE: I hunger.

EXHALE: You feed.

(repeat as many times as needed)

Before you end your day:

Blessed Lord, thank You for this week. Help me to truly rest and reflect today. Be beside me, as I reside beside You in this Holiest of Weeks.

Goodnight; sleep well; know you are blessed.


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