The DNA of Feeding

Did you know that the difference between Domesticated Canine DNA and Wolf DNA is a mere 0.2%? In fact, the two can and have bred successfully.

At this point, I must be frank, I feel people should say - Oh, yea, you're right - my mission would be accomplished - commercial dog food companies would fold, vets would catch on and begin educating owners, and everyone begins feeding dogs the way nature intended. But as I know this is not reality, allow me to continue.

Genetically, your dog is a wolf! They have the same digestive tract and metabolic pathways as their ancestors. Thus, their nutritional needs are identical!

Yellowstone National Park researchers studied the contents of wolf scat from 2002 - 2013 and found the following in wolves studied:

52.8% had consumed hooved animals

32 % Beaver, Hare, Rodents, & Squirrels

27.7% Birds

23.6% Garbage (scraps from raiding trash sites, i.e., campers, picnickers)

13.9% Vegetation (inc. berries and grasses)

5.6% Other Canines (coyote, fox, etc.)

2.8% Fish

We do feed a Raw Diet built on this model. Before the inevitable, NO WAY, know I do so as an educated Raw Feeder. I have spent years studying this Primordial outlook on nutrition. And have developed my feeding routines from this research and education. Since I have made a complete switch, I’ve never had a dog with allergies, never had a dog refuse food, and never had a dog become ill until old-age. I can not say the same when I was feeding them kibble; unfortunately, I knew my vet pretty well.

There are many, including vets, that state the Canines of today have adapted to an omnivorous diet, and they are not wrong. But, let's look at the definition of adapt: to become adjusted to new conditions. Now, look at the word evolve: to change or develop slowly often into a better or more advanced state. Just consider the health epidemic of today - more chronic diseases, more allergies, more cancer... the list goes on. There is no way anyone can argue that our dogs have developed slowly into a better more advanced state - no, they have just adjusted to the new conditions that we as humans have defined.

Allow me to share with you one of my favorite analogies from one of my Animal Nutrition classes. Say you took your child to the pediatrician and after discussing your child's vital nutritional needs the doctor hands you a box of cereal. He explains you will need to:

1. Feed this cereal to your child twice a day every day for the REST OF THEIR LIFE - & no milk - just dry cereal

2. Don't ever change foods because that might cause digestive upset

3. Don't feed anything other than the cereal because the cereal has been fortified and balanced to provide all the child's needs

Tell me you would not respond - thank you - conveniently forget the box of cereal - leave - and never walk back into that doctor's office again! Yet this is what we do with our dogs. These dogs that I know become part of your family - that hold a child-like presence in your home. Children need real, whole food, and make no mistake, so do dogs.



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