The Guardian's Promise

I will wait and watch;

I will never stop.

I will protect and defend;

to your fear, I forever tend.

I might rest in the sun,

but by night, boundaries will be run.

I might appear to sleep,

but my devotion runs deep.

I might appear to play,

but to your side, I will stay.

Let your heart be free of doubt

with this faithful guardian about.

I will be your alarm;

nothing will ever bring you harm.

I am your sight in the darkness,

your defender of justice.

I am your ears out of reach,

responding to every howl and screech.

I promise to forever fight,

To You -

I dedicate my life.

pictured at right -

Evelina, the longer-bodied, longer-haired Pastore Abruzzese, watching our goat herd



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